Grumpy Old Man

Do you ever listen to our politicians, their advisors or so called experts telling us what’s best for us and do you ask yourself “Are these people serious?” (or “Are these people mad?”) This page might be for you. Just click on the titles below to read our observations on some of the challenges facing the modern motorist.

Keeping It Green


Governments, well what can I say? They tell you one thing one day and then they tell you something completely different the next. Yesterday we were going to bomb the Syrian Government – today we’re going to bomb their opposition. Yesterday we were told to buy Diesels and save the planet and today - well, just ask Volkswagon.


It’s not every day that a world famous brand (inspired by Adolf Hitler incidentally) shoots itself in the foot quite so spectacularly. And I’ll bet a few million VW owners ... click here to read more

Driven to Distraction



Have you had a go in one of these self-parking cars yet? You should, it’s quite amazing. It selects a suitable parking space for you and all you do is press the accelerator and brake whilst the car steers itself into the gap. How good is that?


Self-drive cars aren’t with us yet but they’re certainly getting closer.


Automotive electronic technology is clearly moving ahead apace, but I do have one or two ... click here to read more

Goodbye Tax Disc


From October 2014 everyone will be able to (or already will have, if you’re reading this after October,) rip the tax disc off the windscreen and chuck it in the bin. We’re going electronic. So that’s good huh?


Well no, not really. It never ceases to amaze me how much time and effort technology enthusiasts are prepared to expend doing something just because it’s possible. It doesn’t matter if it costs more, is less efficient, less reliable or harder to operate. Or even if it’s worse than the ... click here to read more