Grumpy Old Man

Do you ever listen to our politicians, their advisors or so called experts telling us what’s best for us and do you ask yourself “Are these people serious?” (or “Are these people mad?”) This page might be for you. Just click on the titles below to read our observations on some of the challenges facing the modern motorist.

Making your own biodiesel and help save the planet

Can it be done? Well making your own diesel fuel is certainly a realistic proposition. The procedure is quite straightforward and you can reduce your fuel bill by up to 70% using a renewable/recycled product. Saving the planet is of course, a slightly more complex problem.

Biodiesel is a diesel fuel made from vegetable oil, typically from crops such as rapeseed, palm or soybean. It can also be made from waste cooking oil from restaurants, chip shops or industrial food producers.

A recent change in legislation means it is now possible to manufacture up to 2500 litres of ... click here to read more

Climate change, is it your fault?

Well it is if you drive a 4 x 4 judging by the opprobrium heaped on these vehicles by the global warming industry. I don’t care for big 4x4s myself, but I can't see how banning them (as some people seem to think we should) will do much for the environment. They represent only a small percentage of the number of vehicles on the road. It would make more sense to ban, say, Vauxhall Corsas if you want to reduce carbon emissions. But common sense isn't high on the agenda for most climate change enthusiasts.

At a recent social event with some colleagues of my partner, the subject of ... click here to read more

Driving Abroad

The world is getting smaller and more of us are indulging in long haul holidays, so further to our article ‘Driving in Europe’, here are a few little tips on the perils and practicalities of driving in far away lands.


An Indian acquaintance gives the following advice;

1. The largest vehicle always has right of way.
2. Pedestrians are not regarded as hazards because they are soft and squashy and cause little damage to your vehicle.
3. Switching off the lights at night will save your battery.
4. Allah’s will governs all. If it is your day ... click here to read more

The Older Driver

It comes to us all of in the end. Age that is. Not that I'm old of course, well sort of middle-aged-ish perhaps, but I still think young. If I'm honest though, I know that if an attractive young lady smiles at me these days it's probably because I remind her of her dad.

Age is very much a matter of perception you see.

And we've all been there haven't we? Following a senior citizen in a Nissan Micra hugging the white line at 25 mph before indicating right and then turning left.

'Ah bless!' you smile to yourself.

Or are you perhaps a little less tolerant toward... click here to read more

Driving in Europe

This seems to be a popular subject for articles giving advice on motoring matters, so we thought we would add a few of our own little tips regarding some of the idiosyncrasies of our foreign neighbours.


Do not fall out with the police. They are humourless and potentially very unpleasant.

They also carry guns. If you get shirty with them they will take them out and point them at you. (Just for going the wrong way down a one-way street......)


Driving in Germany is ok. They drive fast, but they follow the rules and tend not to do ... click here to read more