Grumpy Old Man

Do you ever listen to our politicians, their advisors or so called experts telling us what’s best for us and do you ask yourself “Are these people serious?” (or “Are these people mad?”) This page might be for you. Just click on the titles below to read our observations on some of the challenges facing the modern motorist.




I have to admit I am not a great lover of public transport. That doesn’t mean I don’t use it of course. In fact I have travelled many thousands of miles using public transport. Obviously most of this mileage has been in aeroplanes, and I use them because aeroplanes are very expensive and I can’t afford to buy one of my own.


This is not to say that I haven’t tried other forms of public transport though, because sometimes, even to me, it does seem to be the most practical option. ... click here to read more


I guess everyone knows that aircraft are fitted with data recorders (known as ‘black boxes’), but how would you fancy having one in your car? Well actually, if you drive a fairly new car, you probably have. It will be an event data recorder which captures and stores data in the event of an accident. It wasn’t designed for investigative purposes of course. It was designed to activate systems such as airbags, seat belt tensioners, fuel pump cut offs etc. and also to provide real time data for development engineers so they can improve their future designs. However, all this information ... click here to read more


From time to time we do try to put useful or informative little articles on our website, (as well as this rubbish), which hopefully some of our customers may find helpful.

Thinking of the coming winter for example, (I’m writing this in November), we were having a chat in the garage about preparing for the chilly season. Someone suggested a customer information bulletin on our website with some tips and ideas about winter motoring. Everyone looked expectantly at me. Dunno why actually - the first thing I... click here to read more

The Ultimate Driver Aid

It’s easy to mock technology, especially when you reach a certain age (like me.)  When I was a lad I remember the older generation pouring scorn on modern developments - syncromesh gearboxes are for girls and fourwheel brakes take the fun out of driving - that sort of thing.

But yesterdays gimmicks are todays essentials, and  as the horizons of technology expand exponentially, gadgets and gizmos you’d never even thought about a few years ago are becoming standard features on new cars.

How many driver aids do you really need? Obviously no one wants a car without a ... click here to read more

Is it time to go electric?

So, what does the future hold for the motorist then, what with emissions regulations, pollution, dwindling reserves of fossil fuels – could the electric car be the way forward?

Let’s think about that for a moment.

Have you driven an electric car recently - they’re crap aren’t they?

No, I don’t just mean that they’re rubbish to drive, they are rubbish in almost every other way too. They’re far too expensive (even with the £5000 taxpayer subsidy)

The build quality is compromised for lightness. They need a recharge to cover 100 miles. They don’t... click here to read more