Grumpy Old Man

Do you ever listen to our politicians, their advisors or so called experts telling us what’s best for us and do you ask yourself “Are these people serious?” (or “Are these people mad?”) This page might be for you. Just click on the titles below to read our observations on some of the challenges facing the modern motorist.

The Slower The Better!

A blanket 50 mph speed limit on all roads except dual carriageways and motorways. Another wizard wheeze from the people who know what’s best for the rest of us. The Government seem to have discovered the cause of fatalities on our roads. It’s speeding of course, (and you thought it was crashing.)

So, is this a ground-breakingly original solution to a longstanding problem? Or is it an over simplistic, potentially ineffective response to a far more complex issue? (Like knocking 2.5% off the VAT rate so you’ll rush out and buy a new car despite having lost your job.)

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National Ride To Work Day

Have Traffic congestion, fuel prices, parking, taxes – it’s tough being a motorist these days.

But what is the alternative? Downgrade to a City Rover? Brew your own fuel? Move to Dubai? Partial solutions at best.

But do you know what special event is scheduled for the third week in July? Yes, well done, you’re absolutely right, it’s National Ride to Work Day, organised by the Motorcycle Industry Organisation.

So have you ever thought about two wheels?

I don’t mean bicycles - they only work downhill, and I’m not suggesting that you send your wife... click here to read more

The Spy In The Sky

Have you heard about the latest weapon for traffic law enforcement? If you didn’t see it in the papers you’ll never guess.

It’s an unmanned surveillance aircraft - a drone, as used by the military in Afganistan, which can capture images of number plates from up to 20,000 feet!

‘What fresh hell is this?’ I hear you cry. But I’m afraid it’s true. The Kent and Essex police have formed the South Coast partnership with aerospace giant BAE Systems, and with the support of the Home Office they are hoping to have police drones in service by 2012.

Some of you ... click here to read more

How speed camera detectors work

The UK is now covered by a network of over 6,000 speed cameras.

Some of us regard cameras as a major contribution to road safety. Others view them as a revenue collecting device whose proliferation reflects the desire of a cynical and opportunist administration to extract yet another stealth tax from an increasingly suspicious population.

Of course, it is impossible to argue with an advertising campaign which implores you to ‘kill your speed, not a child’. However, this (and other) well meaning campaigns are based on the slightly iffy premise that ‘speed kills’. It ... click here to read more

Do you really need a satnav?

I recently penned a little article on the subject of Satellite Navigation systems (see our Knowledge section). Now I’m no technophobe (can’t afford to be in this job), but I have to confess that for personal use SatNavs just don’t float my boat.

I know I’m swimming against the tide on this one as more and more cars come equipped with factory fitted systems. My car doesn’t have one, I went for sports seats and big wheels instead (bit of a chav, what?) and anyway, I can read a map.

But that isn’t to say I haven’t tried one.

A little while ago, one of our ... click here to read more