Car Servicing to Manufacturers Specification

We all tend to take the reliability of modern motorcars for granted. Regular servicing however is vital in order to maintain not only efficiency in terms of performance and fuel consumption, but also to help prevent excessive wear on vital (and possibly expensive!) components.

Having your car serviced at the recommended intervals will also help guard against the stress and inconvenience of a breakdown.

A properly maintained car will be less likely to give you an unpleasant surprise when the MOT test is due, and a full service history can significantly enhance the second hand value of your car. Here at Troy Autopoint, we have two fully equipped Car Service Centres with experienced, fully trained staff, capable of carrying out repairs on up to twelve vehicles simultaneously.

At Troy Autopoint, we have invested in the latest electronic diagnostic equipment to ensure that any problems with high technology engine management systems on the latest cars can be speedily resolved. We also have an electronic database with full details of the manufacturer's schedules for car servicing for over 20,000 different models!