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How can you improve your car’s fuel economy?

Concerns for the environment, diminishing reserves of non-renewable energy sources and ever increasing prices mean we can all benefit from improved fuel economy whatever vehicle we drive. Some of the following recommendations may seem obvious but combining these tips should bring about an immediate improvement in fuel consumption.

Do I have to have my new car serviced by the franchised dealer?

Following a change in EU regulations effective from October 2003, consumers are no longer obliged to have their new cars serviced by the franchised dealer in order to maintain the validity of the manufacturer’s warranty.

The car must of course be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended schedule using parts, which meet the requirements laid down by the manufacturers. 

Manufacturers are also not permitted to restrict access to technical information, including diagnostic equipment and soft ware, where that information is required in order to service or ... click here to read more

Car tyres and the law

It is illegal to use a car tyre on the road if:

1. The tyre is unsuitable for the use to which the vehicle or trailer is being put or not suitable relative to the other tyres fitted.

2. It is not properly inflated.

3. Any tyre fitted to the vehicle has a cut or break in the rubber in excess of 25mm or 10% of the section width in length which exposes the casing cords.

4. Any tyre fitted to the vehicle has a lump or bulge caused by separation or partial failure of it's structure.

5. Any tyre fitted to the vehicle has any portion of the ply or cord ... click here to read more

What is a catalytic converter?

Millions of people enjoy the many benefits provided by the motorcar. Few of us however are unaware of the effects of pollution on the atmosphere. One of the most effective anti-pollution automotive components (introduced in California in the 1970s) is the catalytic converter.

Catalytic converters are now compulsory on virtually all new cars sold in western Europe, the USA and most of the developed world, and have been found to dramatically reduce damaging exhaust emissions.

 ‘3 way’ catalytic converters are designed to remove the three most harmful exhaust emissions, ... click here to read more

Child Safety Seats

In February 2006 the government confirmed details of the new seatbelt and child restraint regulations aimed at improving road safety through more appropriate use of child restraints.

The new requirements, summarised below, came into force on 18th September 2006.